Who I am

I'm the published author of six novels, a collection of short stories and a chapbook, and the editor/co-editor of four anthologies. (Read a current list of publications)


I've lived in Toronto, Canada since 1977, but spent most of my first 16 years in the Caribbean, where I was born. I'm currently a professor of Creative Writing at the University of California Riverside in the U.S.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email. I generally can't find time to enter into long correspondences, but I'll try to answer any questions you might have. If you email me once and you don't hear back, chances are I've simply forgotten, or I'm up to my ears in work. I have a learning disability which can make my memory really quirky, so don't be shy to remind me.

Alternately, you might get in touch with my agent, Don Maass:

For ongoing news, you can check my blog. For a calendar of events, check my front page.