Nalo's publications


In Progress/Development

  • Novel, working title Duppy Jacket (on spec, no publisher yet)
  • Novel Blackheart Man (on spec, no publisher yet)
  • Graphic novel Nancy Jack, in collaboration with artist John Jennings (on spec, no publisher yet)

    Forthcoming, 2015

  • Short story collection Falling in Love With Hominids (August 2015, Tachyon Press, USA.

  • 2007

  • Novel The New Moon's Arms, Warner Books, NY, USA.
  • Audiobook The New Moon's Arms, BBC Audiobooks USA. Narrated by Gin Hammond.
  • Essay “Genderquerulous,” in anthology First Person Queer, eds. Lawrence Schimel and Richard Labonté, Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada.


  • Short story collection “Skin Folk” produced by Leonie Forbes and released as an audiobook from Caribbean Tales, Toronto, Ont. Canada.


  • Short story “Blackberries,” in Wanderlust: Erotic Travel Tales, ed. Carole Taylor. Plume, USA.
  • Fiction anthology Tesseracts Nine, co-edited with Geoff Ryman; from Edge Press, Canada.
  • Short story “Men Sell Not Such in Any Town,” in “Nature” Journal, U.K.
  • Short story “Snow Day,” in audio, for CBC Radio, Canada Reads.


  • Fiction anthology So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Visions of the Future, co-edited with Uppinder Mehan, Emerson College, MA.; from Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada
  • Short story "The Smile on the Face," in anthology Girls Who Bite Back: Witches, Mutants, Slayers and Freaks, ed. Emily Pohl-Weary; from Sumach Press, Canada
  • Radio fiction anthology "Six Impossible Things," for Richardson's Round-up, CBC Radio, Canada (curator/editor)
  • Short story “Message in a Bottle,” in anthology Futureways, published by New York’s Whitney Museum and Canada's Arsenal Pulp Press; ed, Glen Rubsamen
  • Essay “Sometimes it Might be True,” in “Foundation” Journal, Summer 2004, U.K.


  • Novel The Salt Roads, from Warner Books, USA (November 2003)
  • Fiction anthology Mojo: Conjure Stories (editor) from Warner Aspect Books, USA
  • Short story "Whose Upward Flight I Love” reprinted in digital journal "Horizon Zero," issue 7, Feb/Mar. 2003 (Banff, Alberta, Canada)
  • “Looking for Clues,” Wiscon Guest of Honour Speech, in “Extrapolation” Journal, March 2003, U.S.


  • Polish translation of novel Midnight Robber, Zysk I S-Ka Press, Poland.
  • Polish translation of novel Brown Girl in the Ring, Zysk i S-Ka Press, Poland.
  • Short story "Delicious Monster," in anthology Queer Fear II, ed. Michael Rowe. From Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada.
  • Short story "Shift," in journal "Conjunctions: the New Wave Fabulists." Bard College, USA.
  • Short story "Herbal," in The Bakkanthology, ed. John Rose. From Bakka Books, Canada.
  • Novel Ladrona de Medianoche (Spanish translation of novel Midnight Robber) from Factoria des Ideas, Spain.
  • Finnish translation of short story "Greedy Choke Puppy," in "Tähtivaeltaja" Magazine, Finland.
  • Short story “Ganger (Ball Lightning)” reprinted in Best American Erotica 2002, Touchstone, USA; ed. Susie Bright.
  • Biography of writer Terence M. Green, in Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 251: Canadian Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writers, ed. Douglas Ivison. Bruccoli, Clark, Layman, USA.
  • Excerpt from novel Griffonne, in journal "Macomère," USA.
  • Excerpt from novel Griffonne, in anthology Bent on Writing: Contemporary Queer Tales, ed. Elizabeth Ruth. From Women's Press, Canada.
  • Commentary: "Science Fiction and the World," in Nebula Awards Showcase 2002, ed. Kim Stanley Robinson. From ROC Books, USA.
  • Short story "Whose Upward Flight I Love," reprinted in African Voices, USA, ed. Sheree R. Thomas.
  • "Making the Impossible Possible:" an Interview with Nalo Hopkinson, conducted by Alondra Nelson, in "Social Text," Summer 2002, Afrofuturism issue, ed. Alondra Nelson. From Duke University Press, USA.


  • Short story collection Skin Folk, Warner Aspect Books: December 2001.
  • Short story "Midnight Robber" (excerpt from novel) reprinted in Young Bloods: Stories from "Exile" 1972-2001, Exile Editions, Canada. Edited by Barry Callaghan.
  • La Ronde des Esprits (French translation of novel Brown Girl in the Ring), from Éditions J’ai Lu, France.
  • Excerpt from novel Griffonne, in “Obsidian III—Catch Afire: New Jamaican Writing,” Vol. 2 No. 2, Fall/Winter 2000-2001.
  • Unabridged audiocassette recording of novel Brown Girl in the Ring, From Recorded Books, Inc.
  • Short story “Greedy Choke Puppy” reprinted in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.
  • Short story “Greedy Choke Puppy” reprinted in Year’s Best Fantasy, ed. David Hartwell.
  • Short story "Slow Cold Chick" reprinted in Wild Things Live Here: The Best of Northern Frights, ed. Don Hutchison. Mosaic Press, Canada.


  • Novel Midnight Robber, Warner Books, U.S.A.: March 2000. In second printing. New York Times Notable Book of the Year.
  • Whispers From the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction (editor). Invisible Cities Press, Vermont, USA. One of the "Best Books of 2000", voted on by the Vermont Book Professionals' Association.
  • Short story "The Glass Bottle Trick" in anthology Whispers From the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction (editor Nalo Hopkinson). Invisible Cities Press, Vermont, USA.
  • Short stories "Greedy Choke Puppy" and "Ganger: Ball Lightning" in anthology Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction From the African Diaspora, Sheree R. Thomas, ed. Warner Books, USA.
  • "Greedy Choke Puppy," audioplay version, full production for Seeing Ear Theatre by Brian Smith:
  • Short story "Riding the Red" produced by CBC Radio. Performed by author to original score by William Sperandei. Producer Barbara Worthy. Radio play "Indicator Species" broadcast on "Outlook," CBC Radio. Producer Glen Sinclair.
  • "Red Rider" (Nation language version of "Riding the Red") a monologue for the stage, in anthology Tellin' It Like It Is, a chapbook of monologues by Africanadian playwrights published by the Playwrights' Union of Canada.
  • "Bitter," a monologue commissioned for the stage by the Toronto World Stage Festival, read at event "Kabaret Erotica" by actor Sandi Ross.


  • Short story "Slow Cold Chick" in anthology Northern Frights 5, ed. Don Hutchison. Mosaic Press, Canada.
  • Short story "A Habit of Waste," in anthology Women of Other Worlds: Excursions through science fiction and feminism, eds. Helen Merrick & Tess Williams. UWA Press, University of Western Australia.
  • Short story "A Habit of Waste," in anthology Northern Suns, eds. David Hartwell & Glenn Grant. Tor, U.S.A.
  • Short story "Precious" in anthology Silver Birch, Blood Moon, Avon Eos Press, U.S.A. Eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling.
  • Author reading excerpt from Brown Girl in the Ring, digital broadcast in Real Audio on Seeing Ear Theatre:


  • Short story "Slow Cold Chick," commissioned for and broadcast on CBC Radio One's Festival of Fiction, May & August 1998. Producer Ann Jansen, performer Karen Robinson.
  • Novel Brown Girl in the Ring, Warner Aspect Books, July 1998. In 5th printing.
  • Untitled article on science fiction writing and government support of the arts in Sep/Oct. "Culture" issue of "This" magazine.


  • Short story "Money Tree" in anthology Tesseracts 6, eds. Robert Sawyer & Carolyn Clink, Tesseract Books, Canada.
  • Short story "Riding the Red" in anthology Black Swan, White Raven, eds Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Avon/Nova Publishers, U.S.A.


  • Short story "A Habit of Waste," Fireweed Magazine, Toronto, Late Spring 1996 issue (Volume 53).


  • Short story "Midnight Robber" in Exile Magazine, Toronto (vol. 18 #4).
  • "Dropping Science: Black Science Fiction in the 90's;" article in summer edition of Possibilitiis Magazine, Ottawa, Canada.