Tesseracts Nine (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Tess Nine is, I believe, the tenth in the Tesseracts series of anthologies of poetry and short SF written by Canadians. (There was a Tesseracts Q, for stories in French translated into English). Geoff Ryman and I co-edited Tesseracts Nine, and what an adventure that was. The first thing that happened was that our email service provider somehow managed to delete all the emailed submissions. It wasn't a disaster only because we had had the authors back their stories up onto an extraordinarily arcane storage medium called "paper." In the course of the months working on Tess Nine, Geoff and I never actually crossed paths. I think that between us, we managed to touch down on all but one of the continents in that time. We read submissions in English and in French. We found some new authors, and some new stories from familiar authors.
a Canadian fiction anthology I co-edited with Geoff Ryman. And the anthology won an Aurora Award! (Typically, Geoff was in the U.K. and I was in the U.S. when the results were announced.) Here's the lineup of contributors:

Timothy J. Anderson, Sylvie Bérard, René Beaulieu, E. L. Chen, Candas Jane Dorsey, Pat Forde, Marg Gilks, Sandra Kasturi, Nancy Kilpatrick, Claude Lalumière, Anthony MacDonald, Jason Mehmel, Yves Meynard, Derryl Murphy, Rhea Rose, Dan Rubin, Daniel Sernine, Steve Stanton, Jerome Stueart, Sarah Totton, Élisabeth Vonarburg, Peter Watts, Allan Weiss, Alette J. Willis and Casey June Wolf.