Skin Folk

Skin Folk, published by Warner Aspect, is a collection of some of my short stories. It received the World Fantasy Award and the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. The cover illustration is by Mark Harrison.

The title "Skin Folk" comes from folkore. Throughout the Caribbean there are stories about people who aren't what they seem. Skin gives these folk their human shape. Peel it off, and their true selves emerge. They take on the shapes of animals, of fantastical creatures. They may be dangerous, or just eldritch. And whatever burdens their skins had borne, once they remove them, they can fly.


Skin Folk was later made into an audiobook by Caribbean Tales, with Leonie Forbes as producer. I narrated two of the stories in the audiobook; Riding the Red and Ganger (Ball Lightning). The other stories are narrated by Leonie Forbes, Christopher Pinheiro, R.O. Glasgow and Georgia Grant.