Report From Planet Midnight (an Outspoken Authors chapbook)

Terry Bisson is a fine author in his own right. He's also the editor/curator of the PM Press chapbook series Outspoken Authors ("designed to fit in your pocket, but stretch your mind.") I was delighted when Terry invited me to contribute a book to the series. I was also in the throes of an anaemia that went undiagnosed far too long, until it stole my ability to make a living, and I spent two years homeless, hungry and couch-surfing. The disease had rendered me unable to concentrate long enough to read a sentence, much less write one. But Terry, bless him, was calm and patient, and I was slowly getting better. I can't thank him and PM Press enough for letting me work at my own pace on the chapbook. The result is a lovely, slim book of which I'm inordinately proud. It contains short fiction, an interview conducted by Terry, and a reworking of "Reluctant Ambassador From the Planet of Midnight," a speech/performance on race and racism that I did when I was an author guest at the International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts. I think the book is a fine showcase of me and my work. Report From Planet Midnight - a chapbook in Terry Bisson's Outspoken Authors series.