Learning curve in yuh rass!

I've been working for about an hour, but I doubt I've even written 200 words. Microsoft speech recognition and I are trying to train each other. It's being a job of work. Look at that! It got "job of work" in one go, but I still can't get it to understand "train each other". Only now it has. Bugger learns quickly. (I am also trying to teach it swear words, since I use so many of those in my writing.) It doesn't do so well with contractions, but I'm impressed that it's dealing relatively well with my speech patterns and accent. That's better than Siri can. Her speech recognition is so U.S.-centric that I've given up trying to talk to her at all. She can't help me with shite. (Now I'm having to teach the programme that "shite" isn't the same as "Shiite.")

But I will have to teach it my Caribbean British spelling conventions, much as I have to do with many American copy-editors. I wonder whether it does HTML? Something to research. I've already learned that it doesn't work with Open Office. I guess it's no surprise that a Microsoft programme doesn't work with a rival open source programme.

Using the MVR feels like when my teachers in primary school used to give us dictation. I'm trying the programme out, not only because my hands hurt, but because when I'm stuck in a writing project, it can help to switch modes. It can give you a new perspective on the piece, thus showing you a new way in. For instance, going from writing on the screen to writing by hand in a notebook. And perhaps going from visual to audio. We'll see. I've been teaching it the names of my characters in Blackheart Man, and also any neologisms I've created for the novel. I guess that's an issue peculiar to science fiction and fantasy writers.

But now, it's time for lunch. I've had some beef ribs boiling on the stove, with spices. Now I'm going to toss them in a seasoned flour mixture and broil them in the oven. I have no idea how they'll work out. Fingers crossed.

Voice recorder

Is this sort of technology really superior to a simple voice recorder?

David Bellamy

It is better. It does the

It is better. It does the typing for me. Great for days when my hands hurt too much to use them.

from David Bellamy

Aha, I see. Can you spell out vocally words that it does not understand?