Superior 406 30s slip pattern

I'm attempting to make myself a slip dress from this 1930s sewing pattern, using one of my Spoonflower designs that I had printed up on a cotton-silk blend.

Tapestry, Orangey Reds

Aside from circle skirts, which are pretty easy and consist of two simple circles cut into the fabric, this is my first time making up a garment that's cut on the bias. The centre line of each pattern piece has to sit at exactly 45 degrees off the fabric's warp line, or else it'll twist and hang unevenly on the body. That's why I picked a fabric print with distinct vertical lines; so that it'd be easier to visually check the 45 degree alignment. Yesterday I cut all the pattern pieces out. This evening I sewed most of them together. Turns out I made it a bit too big in the bodice, so I've had to pull out the stitches there in order to make some adjustments. Before I did that I tried it on. Other than the bodice, it seems to fit. And I think it's hanging properly. Fingers crossed, my first real venture into bias-cut sewing may turn out well.

But now I need to finish editing an essay, re-read and make notes on the stories we'll be discussing tomorrow in class (Sheree Thomas's "The Grassdreaming Tree" and Theodore Sturgeon's "Crate"), and do some marking of student assignments. I'll get back to the dress tomorrow.