Revisions, changes, kumquat pie

A couple of hours ago, Terry Bisson sent me revisions of his interview of me for Report From Planet Midnight. I did mine and sent the interview right back to him. I think the book's making good time to be out by May.

Late start to the day. Breakfast didn't quite happen, but for lunch, sweetie made a divine butter-baked chicken with lime juice, garlic and dill. It was chicken bliss. My contribution was boiled cassava for sopping up the gravy, topped with moringa pickle. For afters I'd made some crunchy toffee. It's topped with a blend of nougat crumbs, ground almonds, raisins, and powdered green mango:

Yesterday I learned that I have a new editor. I've already been working with her for a couple of months. I think I like her and she seems to like my work, so that bodes well.

Yesterday was my second attempt at kumquat meringue pie, using kumquats picked off the trees hereabouts. The first time I tried this, the centre was runny and the meringue wouldn't loft. Turns out it's best to add the sugar to the meringue after you've beaten the egg whites to a froth, not before. As you can see, I got the meringue part right this time. I think the middle came out too gummy, though others who've tasted it disagree. One way or t'other, I think I'm getting the hang of this recipe. The crust is gluten-free, made with ground almonds, egg, and butter: