Weekend doings

Yesterday morning I completed and submitted a rewrite of a short story that's going into the Outspoken Authors chapbook that Terry Bisson and PM Press are doing. Today I'm reworking the essay that's going into the chapbook. There will also be an interview of me done by Terry, and I'm still hoping to write a new short story. Time's running out, though, and the story that I began isn't coming together yet. In the meantime, I woke up this morning with the germ of a story idea that I could submit to an anthology that someone else is compiling right now. I've written a few lines of dialogue that could go somewhere in the beginning of the story, or perhaps at the end. And I think I have the title.

Got paid yesterday for a recent appearance. Used the money towards repaying a loan from a friend. Also bought some much-needed groceries and a piece of research material for a future project. And this morning's working breakfast. Pho for breakfast, yum.

Yesterday morning I also woke to the news that the Chancellor of UC Riverside had set riot cops on a group of students involved in a protest on campus; a protest that he himself describes as non-violent. Some of the students were injured. The students are fighting for quality education and for their professors not to be laid off. It is incredible to me that the administration would respond with intimidation and brutality.

Closing off comments on this one. Got stories to write, and a ton of student work to mark.