Sister Mine, bound galleys

Look what the postwoman brought an hour ago; review copies of Sister Mine! These are also called "advance uncorrected proofs", because they are printed up before the proofreader has had a look at the manuscript. So there will be small errors in them that shouldn't be in the finished version. These A.R.Cs (advance reading copies) are printed with a thin card cover and on thinner paper than the final version will be. They're like a blurry snapshot of your book-to-be. So exciting! This part never gets old.

This handful of ARCs is for my personal archives. The publisher sent them to me as a courtesy. I don't know how many copies the publisher printed, but now they will be sending them out to potential reviewers. Which means that reviews should start showing up soon. So now I'll be on tenterhooks for the next little while, waiting to see what the reviewers think.