Saturday cooking

This morning's breakfast was green mango green curry (not a typo) with coconut milk, paneer, thyme, rosemary, and lime and moringa pickles. No, I don't have a recipe. I just threw the ingredients in;

Then I tried out an idea I had last night; chocolate tastes good with a sprinkling of fleur de sel (salt), so why not make chocolate fudge with snippets of slat-pickled kumquat skin in it? I sliced up the kumquat skins and stirred them around in my non-stick pan until they'd dried out a bit. I also grated some fresh ginger to add to the fudge;

Here's the fudge syrup, boiled to soft ball stage and waiting to be stirred until it sets. The liquid floating on top is butter. You can also see the snippets of kumquat;

Here's the final result. It tastes fine, but a bit too subtle. Next time I'll use strips of salted kumquat skin, instead of chopping them so small. And I'll use more of them;

Now we're back from a trip to the grocery. The cassava's been peeled, then grated in the blender. I'm squeezing the water out of it, preliminary to making bammy (a Jamaican gluten-free flatbread made from cassava);

Here's the grated cassava with the water squeezed out;

Bammy is a twice-cooked kind of bread. First stage is shaping it into rounds and cooking it on a griddle. I used a non-stick pan. The bammies you see here are about 1.5 inches in diameter. Most bammies are twice that, but it's a dense, chewy, moist bread, and so quite filling. I decided to go for a smaller, cocktail-sized bammy. Here they are in the pan, being cooked the first time;

Final stage will happen around supper time. I'll soak them for a few minutes in coconut milk and/or gravy. They'll absorb and be flavoured by the liquid. Then put I'll put them on the griddle again until both sides are brown. They'll look a bit like this;

There's a whole cassava left, so perhaps later I'll make some cassava pone. But now it's time to get on with the rest of the day. I have student work to read and an interview to complete. Plus I have a thought about how to approach a short story I'm trying to write. I want to spend some time today playing with my idea.